Welcome to the Batino Rich Web Platform

The Batino Browser clears the way to bring the elegant Eclipse technology to the web browser world.

It will have a simplified update and installation mechanism for third party extensions. Batino can be thought of as a lightweight way to rapidly distribute and deploy Eclipse plugins. There is no need to create and distribute a full RCP application.

The Batino Browser has the capability to become the stepping stone for a richer, and more desktop-like web experience as envisioned by Web 2.0, for example.

EclipseCon 2006

Vote to hear more about the Batino Platform at EclipseCon 2006!

Batino Eclipsezilla Entry


Download the latest milestone M1 from http://sourceforge.net/projects/batino/.

The M1 release only works on Windows environments with Java 1.5 already installed.


Help speed up the development of Batino!

If you are interested in contributing a feature, want to write documentation, or help design a new logo, please send a message to: thomas_de@users.sourceforge.net.

More About Batino

Batino is the extensible Browser platform for rich web applications. The Batino Browser leverages Eclipse technology to work more efficiently with the internet. It is extensible via Eclipse plugins.